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Woodland thinning and canopy reduction

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Forestry and woodland maintenance

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Years ago forestry and woodlands were continually managed for firewood but nowadays it doesn’t happen as much. If you own forests or woodlands it’s important to make sure that they’re managed in order to maintain the health of the trees and encourage plant growth on the woodland floor.

One of the key ways to manage this is through woodland thinning. Removing a percentage of the woodland canopy increases the amount of light that can reach the woodland floor, encouraging wild plant and flower growth as well as helping younger trees to grow. Woodland thinning also encourages existing trees to grow straighter and wider, which improves the quality of timber they produce.

We currently manage woodland across the UK, where we fell, extract and market the timber, typically paying landowners £10 per cubic metre of wood we remove.

If you own an area of forest or woodland and would like our team to manage it for you please get in contact with us.