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Tree Surgery

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Commercial Tree Surgery & Maintenance

Comprehensive Commercial Tree Surgery and Maintenance Services

Arborcare specializes in a wide range of commercial tree work, including site clearance, tree maintenance, and tree and shrub planting. Our fully qualified and experienced team is well-equipped to handle various aspects of commercial tree care.

As a commercial landlord, it is your responsibility to ensure the health and safety of the trees on your property. You have a duty of care towards employees and the public, holding liability for any tree-related injuries. Regular tree checks by a qualified arborist or tree surgeon are essential, with recommended evaluations every three years.

At Arborcare, we offer comprehensive tree safety surveys conducted by our expert team. Following the survey, we provide a detailed tree safety report that highlights any potential risks or hazards. Our knowledgeable professionals will then offer advice and carry out necessary work to ensure the health and safety of all trees on your property.

We take great pride in being an Arboricultural Association Approved Contractor and CHAS accredited. These esteemed accreditations reflect our commitment to maintaining high standards of professionalism and safety. As the preferred contractor for numerous local councils and schools, we have established a reputation for delivering exceptional workmanship and outstanding customer service.

Whether you require one-time projects or annual maintenance contracts, we are here to ensure the ongoing health and safety of your trees. Trust in our expertise and dedication to provide reliable solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Contact us today to discuss your commercial tree surgery and maintenance requirements. Let us demonstrate the quality of our work and the level of customer service we are renowned for.

Crown Thinning

Enhancing the passage of light throughout your tree’s canopy, without altering its size or shape, is achievable through the selective removal of smaller branches. This process, known as crown thinning, offers a multitude of benefits for your commercial outdoor space. Not only does it increase the penetration of light, promoting healthy growth of the tree and its surroundings, but it also facilitates improved air circulation.

Crown thinning delivers significant advantages, particularly in windy conditions. By allowing the wind to flow more freely through the branches, it reduces the risk of the tree sustaining damage or being uprooted during high winds. This technique strengthens the overall structure of the tree, promoting its stability and resilience.

In addition to bolstering the tree’s structure, crown thinning has positive impacts on the surrounding environment. The increased light penetration nurtures healthy growth, benefiting both the tree and nearby plants. It fosters a vibrant and flourishing ecosystem within your commercial outdoor space. Furthermore, improved air circulation helps mitigate issues such as moisture buildup and fungal diseases, contributing to the overall well-being of your trees.

Crown Lifting

Unlock the true potential of your outdoor area by elevating the lower branches of your trees. This transformative process not only enhances the visual charm but also improves the practicality and accessibility of your commercial premises. By increasing the clearance height beneath the trees, we create an open and inviting environment that offers a host of benefits.

The removal of lower branches brings both aesthetic and functional advantages to your outdoor space. It allows for easier movement and navigation, making maintenance tasks, recreational activities, and landscaping endeavours more convenient. Whether you envision creating a welcoming seating area, installing outdoor structures, or providing unobstructed views, raising the canopy clearance significantly enhances the usability and enjoyment of your outdoor space.

Our team of experts specializes in tree branch elevation for commercial clients, understanding the unique requirements and desired outcomes of such projects. We conduct a thorough assessment of your trees, taking into consideration their species, growth patterns, and structural integrity. With the expertise of our skilled arborists and the use of advanced equipment, we ensure a safe and efficient process that delivers exceptional results.

Crown Reduction

Tailoring a tree to its environment and maximizing the amount of shade it casts in your outdoor area can be achieved by strategically reducing its branches and foliage. This careful and selective process creates a harmonious balance between the tree and its surroundings, offering numerous benefits for your commercial premises.

Reducing a tree’s branches and foliage brings about several advantages. Firstly, it allows more sunlight to permeate your garden, encouraging the growth of sun-loving plants and fostering a healthier ecosystem. This increased exposure to sunlight can also enhance the vibrancy of your lawn and other garden features.

Moreover, the reduction of the tree’s shade production improves the comfort and usability of your outdoor space. It provides greater flexibility in selecting suitable areas for planting shade-intolerant plants or creating sun-drenched seating areas. Additionally, by reducing excessive shade, you enhance the availability of natural light for nearby structures or adjacent gardens.